IQera's Story

IQera Provides Self-Paced Examination Preparation Service


IQera (IQ era) is focused on developing lessons that will help students learn concepts while preparing for examinations.

Our lessons scaffold the topics, and also include ‘Formative’ and ‘Summative’ assessments. These lessons lead to ‘Mastery’ in all topics.

We have gathered brilliant minds that have an exceptional command of the subjects as Instructional Designers (IDs). They work with the Subject Matter Experts (SME) in the UK who have been teaching A-Level students. Together they create these lessons to guarantee students’ success. 

Below is an introduction from our  IDs.


We are currently working on A-Level courses starting with Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. In the second stage, we will include other major subjects such as Biology and Economics, etc. We are also developing FA and FSc subject lessons and will offer them in August 2021.

Our lessons are 30 minutes long and include 15 minutes of interactive instructions. Science has proven that this is the ideal time to capture student’s attention.  The remaining 15 minutes are spent assessing the students to evaluate if they have learned the concepts or not. If a student is struggling,  differentiated instructions are imparted. Students are continually instructed until they achieve mastery of the topic. Our lessons are monitored in real-time by a teacher using our software (Patent Pending).



Meet Our IQera Team

Meet Our Mathematics Team

Safina Aftab

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Meet Our Physics Team


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Meet Our Chemistry Team



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